Out and about!

Out and about!

(from ’50 Boredom Busters’)

Scavenger Hunt: Give each child or teams of children a list of items they have to find in a certain area in a fixed time. The lists can be adapted depending on the age and abilities of the children taking part.

Car Scavenger Hunt: Before you set out on a long car journey make up a visual scavenger list. As each item is spotted, get the children to tick it off. Items could include a supermarket truck, a police car, a yellow car, a train etc.

Build a Camp: Put up a small tent or use old sheets over chairs etc. to build a camp in the garden. Gather twigs and sticks to make a pretend fire and take out some packed lunches.

Cloud Control: Lay out a blanket and get the children to lay down on their backs and watch the clouds going past. Encourage them to use their imaginations and discuss what they think the cloud shapes look like – you’ll be amazed at the things they come up with!

Night Sky: A special activity which will be enjoyed by slightly older children is to stay up late and watch the changing sky as night falls. Beforehand, get the children to look at a constellation chart and then see if they can spot some of the stars as they look up in the sky. The next day children can paint a night picture from their memories of their night-time adventure.

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