Issue 20 – Celebrate Harvest and Halloween

Issue 20 – Celebrate Harvest and Halloween

Issue 20 includes more than 80 autumnal activities for you and your children to enjoy; including ideas to help celebrate harvest and Halloween, games and makes to mark Space Week, activities to celebrate the cultural festivals of Eid, Diwali and Rosh Hashanah, ideas to enhance learning about the Tudors, plus a host of ideas to encourage Exploration & Investigation for the under 5’s. Plus a special ’Let’s make Music!’ feature, looking at the importance playing and listening to music can have on a child’s development.

There’s a Disney Ready Room makeover from Worlds Apart to be won! All this, the regular features – including ’Four Ways with . . . wool & string’ and Reading Corner, plus loads of other great toys and books to win in our free to enter competitions!

0 – 5 years
Concentrating on texture and sensory stimulation, projects in this group include:

HARVEST MICE PUPPETS – Cute little felt puppets: great for seasonal role-play activities.

LEAF PRINTING – Follow up a nature walk and create a collage with the leaves you collect.

A HARVEST STORY PUZZLE – A simple way to teach children where bread comes from.

ROCKET TO THE MOON GAME – Help literacy and numeracy skills with a fun space game.

CHEESY PLANETS – Our space theme continues with these easy-to-make tasty treats.

ALIEN MASKS – Get imaginations working overtime to create the strangest looking aliens!

MAGIC CAULDRONS – Dinky cauldrons made from yoghurt pots – perfect for storing Halloween treats.

SPOOKY SPIDERS! – These handprint spiders will make a colourful Halloween display.

GHOST POT PUPPET – Turn a small fibre plant pot into a friendly ghost puppet.

HAPPY EID – Make a simple card to send greetings for the Muslim festival of Eid-ul-Fitr.

DIWALI LIGHTS – Celebrate the Hindu Festival of Lights by making some little clay lights.

EURO NUMBER MATCH – Help children learn numbers in a different language.

EXPLORATION & INVESTIGATION – A great selection of ideas to satisfy the inquisitive nature of young children.

5 – 7 years
Fun crafting projects to make with children in Key Stage 1, include:

LET’S CELEBRATE DIWALI! – Cultural projects and activities to mark this important Hindu festival.

SOLAR SYSTEM RACE GAME – Celebrate Space Week and learn about planets with this great spelling game..

SPOOKY BOXES! – Turn a simple wooden cheese box into a fab Halloween treat pot.

CLOTHES PEG WITCHES – Create funky witches and wizards using old-fashioned dolly pegs.

AUTUMNAL CARDS – Encourage a discussion about hibernation with these lovely seasonal cards.

NATURE DOMINOES – Collect some autumn treasures on a nature walk and turn them into dominoes.

FAMILY TREE – A basic family tree designed to get children thinking about their ancestry and where they come from.

TREE-MENDOUS! – A special activity to encourage children to study the life of a tree over a year.

THE PUMPKIN PATCH – Learn amazing facts about the vegetable 0f the season!

FLAPPY 3-D BATS – Spooky bats – great to hang from the ceiling at a Halloween party.

GARDEN SAVAGES – Children will love learning how they can create their own carnivorous bog!

7 – 11 years
Great ideas for older kids to make and do:

FIVE-A-DAY-FUN! – They might not technically count towards your five-a-day, but these felt fruit and veggies are great fun to make.

ROSH HASHANAH – Celebrate the Jewish New Year with some special cultural projects and activities.

HAND DOODLES – Doodle away the 10th anniversary of The Big Draw with this funky drawing activity.

APPLE FLAPJACKS – These fruity flapjacks make a perfect snack as the days turn chilly.

THE TUDORS – Take a journey back to Tudor times and help history come to life by making a Tudor house and miniature knot garden.

SUPER SILHOUETTES – Encourage different creative techniques by making some silhouetted skyscapes.

BATTY BOOKMARKS! – Children will love scaring friends with this ’frightful’ bookmark!

In addition to these, there are plenty of other great ideas and projects, plus a great selection of books reviewed in Reading Corner and prize giveaways worth £100’s.

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