Issue 2 – Panoramic Planets

Issue 2 – Panoramic Planets

Here is a sample of the contents from Issue 2, with loads of great ideas to help keep your children entertained, including cultural festivals, nature specials and other seasonal activities.

0-3 years
Concentrating on texture and sensory stimulation, projects in this group include:

NATURE TREE — tree collage from different leaves

TUBE PRINTING — fun painting idea using a cardboard tube and elastic bands

PATCH THE DOG — cute little cards that are easy to make

SILLY SUNFLOWER — ideal activity for young children

HAND SPIDERS — simple to make, fun to play with

4-7 years
Fun crafting projects to make with children in Key Stage 1, include:

MATCHING LEAF GAME — helps identify and learn about trees

ROSH HASHANAH — three easy-to-make to help learn about this important Jewish festival

PANORANIC PLANETS — an accordion book to learn about the solar system

FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS — great projects to help learn about Diwali

HERB HEADS — make a head and watch it’s hair grow!

8-11 years
Great ideas for older kids to make and do:

FOAMING MONSTERS — chemical reactions in your kitchen!

BATTLE OF HASTINGS — make great shields and helmets

FUNKY BIRD TABLE — a great treat for our feathered friends

LIFE AS A ROMAN — the games they played and how they lived

SPOOKY SHAPES — make 3-D spooky gift boxes

In addition to these, there are plenty of other great ideas and projects, plus a great selection of books reviewed in Reading Corner and prize giveaways worth £100’s.

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