Issue 16 – Fabulous Fun!

Issue 16 – Fabulous Fun!

Issue 16 includes more than 80 great ideas to inspire you to get creative. This fabulous issue is packed with dozens of fun crafts and activities for you and your children to enjoy; including cookery, puppet play, ideas for Chinese New Year, nature studies, crafts from around the world (this month Australia) and ideas to help celebrate Valentine’s Day and the National Day of Japan. There’s a feature from top TV psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos explaining why playtime is important in developing social skills and for keeping community spirit alive. Plus all the regular sections, such as Reading Corner, ‘4 ways with . . .’ and £100’s of fabulous books & toys to be won! We also announce the winners of the Creative Play Awards – recognising the best creative products and resources available today.

0 – 5 years
Concentrating on texture and sensory stimulation, projects in this group include:

COLOURFUL CHINESE DRAGON – Celebrate Chinese New Year by making an amazing oriental dragon.

HONEY BEAR BISCUITS – Winnie the Pooh would love these biscuits and they’re easy to make too!

THANK-YOU CARDS – Take a piece of your child’s artwork and make a unique thank-you card.

POP-UP HEART CARD – Some simple cards to help children understand the meaning of friendship.

PLUM BLOSSOM TREE – Make a special tree for Chinese New Year – ideal for co-ordination skills.

HEART HANDPRINTS – The perfect gift for little ones to make for someone special on Valentine’s Day.

KITCHEN ROLL KANGAROO – Help children with shape recognition by making a cute kangaroo and joey.

GLOVE GRABBERS! – Never lose gloves again with these original animal glove grabbers.

5 – 7 years
Fun crafting projects to make with children in Key Stage 1, include:

CHINESE NEW YEAR – Creative games and activities to help celebrate Chinese New Year.

CHICKEN FAJITA WRAPS – Get children cooking with some delicious Tex-Mex fajitas.

CRAFTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD – AUSTRALIA – Take a creative trip down under to celebrate Australia Day.

SITTING PRETTY – Make a cute papier mâché bird and decorated perch.

WISE AS AN OWL – Learn all about our native Owls in a special wildlife feature.

COSMONAUT CAPERS – Out-of-this-world projects and activities including an amazing space suit!

VALENTINE BOWLS – Easy-to-make papier mâché bowls – ideal for sweet Valentine treats.

7 – 11 years
Great ideas for older kids to make and do:

A JAPANESE ADVENTURE – Celebrate the National Day of Japan with authentic oriental makes and activities.

RUBBER BAND BOOKS – Children will love making these fun books from scraps of paper.

YOU CAN SAVE THE PLANET – Encourage children to see just how their actions can help make the world a better place.

MADE WITH LOVE – Older children will enjoy making this Valentine card and notebook set for a special friend.

FLIGHTS OF FANCY – Help children with their design skills by making some funky bird masks.

SHRUNKEN GARDEN! – Let children’s imagination run wild with this fantastic miniature garden.

BRUSH TACTICS – Encourage children on their ‘art journey’ with a special watercolour activity.
In addition to these, there are plenty of other great ideas and projects, plus a great selection of books reviewed in Reading Corner and prize giveaways worth £100’s.

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