Fun in the sun!

Fun in the sun!

(from ’50 Boredom Busters’)

Balloon Tennis: You will need two long balloons and a round balloon. Set up a net or simply use a piece of string to lay on the grass to represent a net. Use the long balloons as rackets and the round balloon as the ball. Avoid playing this game if it’s a windy day!

Animal Antics: Ideal for a group of younger children – talk about different animals and how they move, run or fly and what sounds they make. Make a starting and a finishing point, then divide the children into two groups. Ask the first child on each team to stand at the start. When you shout out an animal they have to make their way to the finishing point doing an impression of it.

Obstacle Course: Set up a course of obstacles and race against a timer to see who can do it the fastest. Use hose pipes to run around or jump over, garden chairs and blankets to crawl under, hats, scarves and gloves to put on, a garden sprinkler to run through and balls to run, dribble or throw into a target.

One Knee, Two Knee: All players must stand in a circle – you’ll need at least three people. Throw a ball to the player on your left. If they catch it they then throw the ball to the next player. When a player does not catch the ball they have to go down on one knee. In order to get up again they have to catch the ball. If they drop it again they must go down on two knees, then one elbow and two elbows. If they drop the ball whilst on two elbows, they are out of the game.

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