Childcare & Education Expo North highlights

Childcare & Education Expo North highlights

Unveiling the Highlights of Childcare & Education Expo North

From 30th June to 1st July, Bolton Stadium witnessed an extraordinary event that brought together
educators, business owners and industry professionals in the childcare and education sector. The
Childcare & Education Expo North showcased captivating presentations, interactive workshops, and
cutting-edge exhibitions, providing attendees with an immersive experience in the latest trends and
innovations. The Expo left a lasting impact on participants, sparking their curiosity and passion for
early childhood development.

Educational Benefits
Visitors eagerly engaged in the seminar and panel discussion programme, demonstrating a strong
thirst for knowledge. Led by exceptional panel speakers, enlightening discussions covered topics
such as understanding children’s behaviour, communication, and language needs. Llewella Ivins,
Sarah Blackwell, and Alice Sharp delivered inspiring presentations that left a profound impression on
the audience. The update from Ofsted on the latest inspection publications added valuable insights
to the discussions.

The interactive and wellbeing workshop areas provided an excellent platform for visitors to actively
participate in various engaging activities. From singing and dancing along with special guest Mr.
Bloom, to exploring the benefits of outdoor learning with Alfresco Learning, the workshops catered
to diverse interests and learning styles. Olivia Corbin-Phillips enchanted the audience with
passionate storytelling, while Play Makes Sense emphasised the significance of rhyming in phonics
success. In sessions dedicated to well-being, visitors learned practical strategies for maintaining
positive mindfulness in themselves and the children they care for.

Director of Early Childhood at Bright Horizons and speaker at the expo commented:
“It has been a fascinating couple of days at the Childcare & Education Expo North. We’re delighted
and honoured to have shared our stories on panel discussions and through a wellbeing workshop
focusing on our recently launched Nurture Approach professional development programme. Early
years educators are very special people. They provide learning, inspiration, and care for children who
are starting their journey in life. To deliver these services our educators need to always be in an
environment of camaraderie, trust, and respect. A thriving early years setting is one where both
adults and children feel good and can do well. It’s a virtuous circle: flourishing teams are linked to
better outcomes for children, and a happier environment for everyone.”

Learning and Connecting
Innovative feature areas enriched the Expo experience, offering visitors a chance to unwind and
engage in creative activities. Early Years Alliance promoted the joy of open-ended resources, while
Creative Steps and YPO allowed participants to indulge in crafting and designing jellyfish. The
mindfulness colouring wall and rock painting areas provided a moment of reflection and unleashed
boundless creativity among attendees.

The exhibitor shopping village showcased a wide array of resources tailored for childcare settings,
delighting visitors with valuable products and services. Exhibitors were enthusiastic about
connecting with delegates and making a meaningful impact in the sector.

The Expo was not only an educational platform but also a networking opportunity for participants.
Attendees had valuable connections to develop through interactions in the speaker’s corner,
engaging in activities with special guests, and networking with fellow professionals.

The organisers expressed their gratitude to all attendees of Childcare & Education Expo North and
hoped that the event left them with valuable knowledge, fresh ideas, and lasting relationships to
enhance their childcare settings. They encouraged participants to share their experiences and
feedback on social media platforms which can be found here:

For those who couldn’t attend, the organisers have just announced that the next show, Childcare &
Education Expo Midlands, is taking place at CBS Arena on 22nd & 23rd September 2023. Registration
for the upcoming event is open, offering another opportunity for professionals in the sector to
engage and enrich their knowledge and practices. Registration can be found by visiting the Childcare
& Education Expo website here:

About Childcare & Education Expo:
Childcare & Education Expo is a leading event series dedicated to bringing together early years
professionals, business owners, and industry experts to share knowledge, inspire best practices, and
explore the latest innovations in the childcare and education sector. With a mission to empower and
elevate the field, Childcare & Education Expo aims to foster collaboration and create positive
impacts on early childhood development.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Kara Neill
01425 838 393

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