Issue 14 – Back to School!

Issue 14 – Back to School!

Here is a sample of the contents from Issue 14, with dozens of great ideas for the autumn months ahead. There are dozens of crafts and activities to keep children occupied and happy, with spooky Halloween fun, the first in a new series on crafts from around the world, (this month Mexico), ideas to celebrate the cultural festivals of Diwali and Eid, science experiments and a look at how electronic toys can assist learning and development. If that’s not enough, we’ve also got a fabulous reader offer for a free REVO and signed copies of the latest Scream Street books to be won! Plus all the regular sections, such as Reading Corner, ‘4 ways with . . .’ and £100’s of fabulous books & toys to be won!

0 – 5 years
Concentrating on texture and sensory stimulation, projects in this group include:

PERFECT PUMPKIN – A pumpkin made from a biscuit tub will make a great harvest decoration.

APPLE PRINT PICTURES – Cut up some apples to make unusual, fruity printing stamps.

PAPER PLATE-O-SAURS – Use a store cupboard staple to create some colourful dinos.

FIREWORK GAME – Make colourful rockets to celebrate Guy Fawkes and help counting skills.

POP-UP BAT CARD – A fun pop-up card to help children enhance cutting and construction skills.

FRIENDLY ALIENS – Take a paper plate and create some friendly alien pals.

AUTUMN LETTER MATCH – Help children recognise letters by making some colourful and simple autumn flashcards.

5 – 7 years
Fun crafting projects to make with children in Key Stage 1, include:

CRAFTS FROM MEXICO – In a new series looking at crafts from different countries our first stop is Mexico.

FOIL FACES – Turn foil dishes into amazing characters with a few supplies and lots of imagination!

FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS – The Hindu festival of Diwali is a perfect opportunity to widen children’s knowledge of other cultures and faiths.

BACK TO SCHOOL! – Get into the swing of school again with some sewing and arithmetic activities.

WE’RE HAVING A PARTY! – Get everyone involved in making Halloween decorations and invites.

THE BIG SLEEP – Help children to understand how different species of wildlife adapt to the changing seasons with a special feature on hibernation.

FUNNY BONES! – Take pipe cleaners and scraps of funky foam to create some spooky skeletons.

7 – 11 years
Great ideas for older kids to make and do:

WHETHER THE WEATHER IS HOT . . . Simple experiments to understand our ever changing weather patterns.

PERFECT PICTURE – A step-by-step guide to learning how to appliqué as well as other sewing techniques.

SPOOKY SILHOUETTES – Test children’s cutting abilities with stunning results!

MUSHROOM HOUSES – Put old pots and containers to good use by turning them into mini mushroom houses.

UGLY CUDDLIES! – Are they completely gruesome or really quite cute? When it comes to ugly dolls, or monster stuffies, no-one’s quite sure!

LET’S CELEBRATE EID – Help children understand the Muslim festival of Eid with this special feature

SPEAK EASY! – Celebrate the European Day of Languages with some fun projects and activities.


In addition to these, there are plenty of other great ideas and projects, plus a great selection of books reviewed in Reading Corner and prize giveaways worth £100’s.

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